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1 – [L’instant tech] Toroidal propellers that reduce the noise of drones and boats

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The propeller, which has a specific shape called a toroidal, installed on drones, has allowed the noise to be drastically reduced. Developed at MIT, this approach has already been used by an American company for boat propellers… adding a nice benefit of efficiency gains.

2 – [L’industrie c’est fou] A fire extinguisher ball to put out a fire in an instant

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Jacques Pitoux, an inventor familiar with the Lépine competition, developed an extinguisher ball that launched into flames thanks to the patented “shock and start” technology. Nicknamed Block’Fire, it should be marketed from July and will become a real asset in the fight against domestic fires.

3 – [L’industrie c’est fou] Nomadic solar panels inspired by origami

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Italian company Levante has invented foldable solar panels. Compact and half the weight of conventional modules, they can be transported and deployed anywhere.

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