Tournament of Legends at Mulhouse

Mulhouse Football Club has pulled out all the stops to celebrate its 130th anniversary. Jean-Pierre Babin, Emmanuel Petit, Franck Leboeuf and Gregory Coupet Legends will tread the turf of Ill Stadium as part of the tournament. All these stars will line up against a Mulhouse team of the best years. ” The concept of this event is to recall the good memories and make you dream of the old ones. Football club Mulhouse is still the second oldest club in France. It will be a great day of celebration mixing people of different ages and all social classes.s”, confirms the vice-president of the club, Younes El Hyeri.

Jimmy Brind, a big name in French football, will be joining the French giants.

Forget the dark years of past seasons

On the Mulhouse side, Yusuf Adnan, Herve Millazzo or Frank Briou This FCM All Star Team will have quite a few lined up and that will be pretty cool too. After Gary Allen’s “American Dream”, the club was thrown into administration and receivership following last year’s mismanagement. A complete failure. In September 2022 a new management team headed by Ryan Joy took over the helm of the club. Objective: Regenerate FCM and bring peace of mind. At the end of last season, Mulhouse was relegated, Mulhouse managed to top the table: the team is currently 3.Th In the Region 1 championship, a team mainly composed of youngsters led by former member of the club, Hakeem Ibechi.

A party day

Many clubs in France are struggling. Mulhouse is a coherent project and I would like to move up as soon as possible with a project. That’s what new owners do. “, Emmanuel Petit, explained in a press conference this Monday, May 22. The 98 world champion “never had the opportunity to play against FCM in his life”. Despite the chaotic years, Stat de l’Est has the atmosphere of the best evenings in Ligue 1, experienced in the 1982-1983 and 1989-1990 seasons. ‘ No doubt will get it again. Mulhouse and a chance for the younger ones to discover the players who have made their mark in the world of football. But enjoy a packed stadium, even though one of the two is closed for safety reasons. And for the older ones, to remember some good memories, at least for a few hours.

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