Valve probably owes a million dollars to the company, which has already bested Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Even in gaming, legal battles can be very expensive. At this point Steam is getting into a fight that may be lost early. effect, stopper Faced with a company called Immersion, well known for making this kind of money Advocate struggle. already encountered Nintendo, Microsoft And sony, Immersed in this way has already made a few million.

Filing patents against Steam and other big companies and making millions?

Drowning is not really productive No gamesInstead, the company actually specialized Patent filing. These patents are used in legal battles with developers who are not direct competitors of the company. If there is a technology that is very close to a patent set by immersion, these are case, And produce their turnover like that.

This practice has been accused many times by many companies, but it has not stopped them from making millions on the backs of other developers. Sony And Microsoft For example, they have opted in return to settle the case out of court A few million. On Nintendo’s side, and as you’d expect, it’s a Legal battle Who started, did not want to give.

For valve and steam, there are attacks Steam platform Or even steam code, A virtual reality headset developed by Valve.

According to Immersion, these technologies are so close to their patents that Steam owes them money.

A company called Copyright trolling Beyond that, Valve declares that the game “Half-Life: AlixEven against US law. Similar allegations were made in similar games Apex Legends Or Modern warfare 2.

Even when companies aren’t actually at fault, they seem to be scrambling to take advantage of every opportunity to fill the coffers.

Once the conflict with Nintendo has already sunk in it should give a good idea of ​​the possible resolution of the conflict. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be hearing about this case for a while!

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