Virgin Galactic announces resumption of commercial flights in space: $450,000 tickets for minutes in weightlessness

Richard Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic, has announced the resumption of flights into space. At the end of May, the first flight with four employees of the company is planned and from June it will be the start of commercial flights.

Unity 25 Objective “A final evaluation of the entire space system and astronaut experience before commercial flight begins in late June”He described the company founded by Briton Richard Branson, who boarded the last space flight in July 2021. The flights take place from Spaceport America’s base in the New Mexico desert, the announcement said Science and the future.

Modifications have been made to carrier aircraft and spacecraft to improve engine performance and enable them to fly more frequently, an essential step towards space tourism.

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In this program for travelers of a new kind, weightless minutes. “A large carrier plane takes off from a conventional runway and then drops a spacecraft from high above that looks like a large private jet.”, our colleagues explain. The company has already sold 800 tickets to space in advance: 600 between 2005 and 2014, priced between 200,000 and 250,000 dollars, and 200 in recent years at 450,000 dollars each.

The first commercial flight, named Galactic 01, will carry passengers from the Italian Air Force.

Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, is the only company in the world that offers short-haul flights. 32 people have already been tested.

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