Was Cleopatra black?

At left, Netflix’s Cleopatra. To the right, representations of Egyptian queens. Netflix and Bridgeman Pictures

Testing process – Controversy over the Egyptian queen’s skin color has continued since the trailer aired for a documentary series in which Cleopatra is portrayed by black actress Adele James.

The controversy over Cleopatra’s skin color and appearance was electrifying. Earlier this week, the Netflix platform announced a docu-series about Egypt’s last queen. and Thunder: the latter embodied by black actress Adele James. This annoys more than one person. After the release of the trailer Queen Cleopatra, Many netizens accused the platform of “Black laundryยป or submitCancel culture(Culture of Destruction). A petition was also started on Change.org and was signed 85,000 times before being taken down.

This is not the first time that questions about Cleopatra’s skin color have been debated in our modern society. However, little is known about the queen’s physique, and her full genetics have not been fully established. What do history and science really say? Can we say, or at least assume, that Cleopatra was black?

Hypotheses on the Identity of Cleopatra VII’s Mother

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