What are the American football channels in France?

NFL, the American football championship, is available in France! Enjoy NFL games, play-offs and the popular Super Bowl on all your screens. Find out which channels and subscriptions are available to watch all of these matches.

Upcoming NFL Highlights
Standings of the American Football Championship Dates Where to look?
regular season
(regular season)
Sunday, December 4, 2022 Stay in the game
Subscribe via Canal+
Playoffs From January 14 to February 12, 2023
Super Bowl February 12, 2023
  • essential
  • NFL Broadcasters Stay in the game and the chain Team.
  • You can also follow the NFL via NFL Game Pass.
  • The Los Angeles Rams won 2022 Super Bowl.
  • The Super Bowl 2023 will be held on February 12, 2023.

What are the TV packages and sports subscriptions for watching the NFL?

The NFL (National Football League) is the professional league of American football. Watch American football matches on:

  1. subscription Stay in the game.
  2. Chain Team.
  3. The NFL Game Pass.

These three sponsors make it possible, thanks to their application Watch NFL on Replay.

In the United States, ESPN broadcasts the NFL.

NFL Schedule: What Are the Next NFL Matchups?

November 2022 Find the next NFL matches for this month:

Monday, November 28

  • STEELERS vs COLTS at 8:15 p.m

The Super Bowl 2023 will be held on February 12, 2023 And Rihanna will perform the legendary halftime show.

beIN Sports is the sport’s historic partner in France as it broadcasts the NFL Since 2012. 4 beIN Sports channels offer:

  • The NFL Multiplex Sunday evening.
  • The NFL red zone It is the original American football channel.
  • 3 live meetings every week.
  • Many sports like football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, tennis…

beIN Sports broadcasts the conference finals and the Super Bowl live February 12, 2023.

beIN SPORTS has expanded its partnership with the NFL Until 2023.

The group broadcasts:

  • His 17 regular season appearances Website.
  • 3 playoff games and the Super Bowl is on February 13 On that day Group channel.
  • The The End Zone Podcast It analyzes various American football tournaments and tells the history of American football.

Journalist Peter Anderson, American sports expert and consultant Anthony Mahongou, professional American football player, comments and analyzes NFL matches on the L’Equipe website and channel.

NFL Game Pass: NFL, NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl on all your screens

The NFL Game Pass is a subscription year It allows you to enjoy American football on OTT on all your connected devices. There are several types of subscriptions, including Edition Free A pass that allows you to take advantage of the 5m highlights of NFL matches.

2 available versions of NFL Game Pass:

  1. NFL Game Pass Free who Free It also provides access to competition briefs and platform NFL Network.
  2. NFL Game Pass Prof Any size €49.99/year Who provides Super Bowl LVAll competitions Play offsPrograms, movies and shows on the NFL and NFL Network platforms.

Access NFL Game Pass 5 devices simultaneously.

NFL Game Pass content review of 11/25/2022
Contents of offer NFL Game Pass PRO €49.99/year NFL Game Pass is free
All NFL Playoffs games live and on demand
Super Bowl LV Live and On Demand
The NFL Draft 2021 is live and in demand
Full replays of regular season games
Regular season shortened matches (game in 40′).
Regular Season Game Summaries (5 minutes)
Film Coaches
NFL Network 24 hours a day
Original plans
Multiple devices at once
Mobile DLC

The Super Bowl This year’s NFL Championship Finals is between the winners of the league’s two conferences (the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference).

The Super Bowl happened that day February 12, 2023 and available via beIN SPORTS, L’Equipe Channel or NFL Game Pass.

Free Reference – Information Valid 25/11/2022

nfl replay

NFL games of the season

The NFL season consists of 16 matches Spread over 17 consecutive weeks with one week off: the “bye week”. The matches during the season are structured as follows:

  • 6 matches against other teams in the same division (round trip).
  • 4 games against teams from another division of the same conference.
  • 4 games against teams from another division of the other conference.
  • 2 games against teams from the same conference that finished at the same venue in the previous season.

Elimination Stage: Play-offs

The status of Play offs Consists of 3 stages and is called final Super Bowl :

  1. The first round is called “Wild Card”.
  2. Division II round.
  3. Two conference finals (which are semifinals).
  4. The final game of the play-offs is the Super Bowl.

For the first stage play-offs, this round consists of 4 division champions and 3 best non-division champion teams (i.e. 6 matches).

The top team in each conference is exempt from the first round, known as a “wild card”.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the final championship game organized by the NFL and pits the two champions of the conference finals (AFC and NFC) against each other during the play-off rounds.

The Super Bowl is the most advertised and watched event in the United States.

At what time and on which channel can you watch the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl will be held on February 12, 2023. in chain l’Equipe, NFL Game Pass and Bean Sports. Last year the Los Angeles Rams won against the Cincinnati Bengals (23-20).


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