Which animals are taken by Brest Metropole Pound? – Brest

Here is a list of lost animals collected by the “Animal and City” section of the Health and Sanitation Action Service and taken to the Brest Metropole pound.

A Malinois dog, identified as Jed, looks adorable in Bristol, June 9.

On June 24, at La Trinité-Plouzané, American staff type dog, fawn color, friendly.

On June 29, a cream and white American Staffordshire terrier, Good, was neutered at Brest Bellevue.

September 8, Hobby, a deer dog, was neutered, collared and leashed, at the Brest Center.

On March 7, a black Labrador cross dog named Sheeran was identified in Brest Quatre-Moulins.

Black and tan German Shepherd dog, chain collar, on March 11, Brest Europe.

March 16 identified Lahib, a boxer mix born on August 27, 2014, in Brest Saint-Pierre.

On April 13, in Brest Quatre-Moulins, the deer and the white dog identified Narcos, born in 2019.

On April 27, at Brest Bellevue, the brown staff identified Bacon, a color dog with a blue collar; In Prest Lambecellek, a tricolor cat; Brest quarter-moulins, three gerbils; In Plouzané, the Siamese cat is skinny, with a collar and pendant.

On April 28, in Brest Europe, the Siamese cat was about 2 years old.

May 16, in Guipavas, black cat, very sociable.

May 17, at Killers, Tortoise.

to indicate

For better identification of the animals, see the photos on the website: www.brest.fr

Contact: Health Action and Health Department, rue Alexandre-Ribot, tel. 02 98 00 80 80.

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