Why is football called “soccer” in America?

If an American offers to play a game of “soccer” with you, we advise you to stay away. Unless you are under 200 kg. Football Here it refers to American football, while our football – the game played at 22 years old, with the ball on the foot – is said to be Football. But why this difference?

To answer this question, you need to go back to the history of the two games. In the 19th century, football was a generic term that referred to all sports played with a ball and that involved scoring points in the opposing team’s camp. In other words, both rugby and (European) football fell into this category.

To solve the problems of odd rules, a group of young athletes formed a football association in a restaurant in London. After serious negotiations, one imagines that it was watered down and published in 1863. Association Football Rules Book “, tasked with codifying the rules of football as we know them today – and, following the development of these rules to prohibit carrying the ball, a group of British students invented rugby.

Here and in Europe, football coded by the Football Association was called association football. Until the day the supporters decide to shrink Association Inside ploughshare. ” Oxford University students coined the term ‘soccer’ in 1889, and by 1895 the words ‘soccer’ and ‘soccer’ were predominant. Similarly, rugby was called ‘Rucker’.President Mark L. Ford says Association of Professional Football ResearchersGroup of American Football Historians.

According to this expert, at that time, in the United States, soccer and American football were among the many versions of soccer played in the country. Newspapers used the term Football And FootballContrast two popular sports in autumn ».

With the rise of American football in the United States, these names have remained on this page lays. In contrast, in Great Britain and the rest of Europe, Football Not taking root. ” It was a slang term. It’s not a term used by serious athletes out there, Mark L. Ford says. In the United States, American football is on the risee Popular, especially university students like to play it to relax.crush It has become a university tradition, with cheerleaders and the like. A more colorful game than football. »

The first version of this dumb question was published on April 28, 2014.

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