Will a Super Solar Storm Hit Earth? “Only 30 minutes to prepare for impact”, warns NASA

This type of event can have serious consequences for electricity infrastructure and communication networks.

Each passing day brings us closer solar storm. If such events happen again and again, episodes like this are very importantThe Carrington Event In 1859, it could have catastrophic effects on electrical infrastructure and communications networks.

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“Severe” and “exceptional” solar storm expected to hit Earth this Sunday: NASA warns, conspiracy theorists declare “end of the world”

While many scientists study the slightest activity on the Sun’s surface, current methods cannot determine in advance when a coronal mass ejection will affect Earth.

Artificial intelligence and satellite data

Nevertheless, using artificial intelligence and satellite data, NASA scientists have developed a new computer model that will allow more effective raising of the alarm during an event. Dangerous space weather. All within 30 minutes to determine the exact point of impact of the storm on the Earth’s surface.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much. But everything can change in this half hour. According to NASA, “This will give us enough time to prepare for these storms and avoid severe damage to power grids and other critical infrastructure.”.

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