Winded abandons PayPal and angers its users

As of Thursday, May 25th, Winded no longer accepts payments using PayPal. The sudden change may worry users of the app who are used to this secure payment method.

As of May 25, Winded no longer accepts payments through the PayPal app. The developers of the second-hand clothing sale and purchase platform informed their users with this simple message: “ As of today, PayPal is not available on Windet. Add a new payment method to continue shopping seamlessly. The most popular options are credit or debit cards, or Apple Pay if you use an iOS device. »

Message for Vinted users. // Source: Screenshot

Platform users are forced to change their payment method to pay for their future purchases. Bad news for many users who used the US payment platform for its purchase protection service to avoid scams.

Fear of fraud

Give an alternative to Vindette. Without PayPal, I don’t believe it’s the only way to get my money back in case of fraud… “asks a user on Twitter after receiving the message. ” Between the rise of fake accounts and the end of PayPal with its dispute system as a simple and secure payment method, Vinted you’re done. “, predicts another Twitter Kevin.

Like Kevin, many internet users have publicly said they are breaking up with the app. Reason given? The relative effectiveness of in-app support during recent months has seen an increase in fraud and disputes.

With Purchase Protection and Fraud Protection, PayPal users can open a dispute. The American company acted as a mediator between Vinted and the injured buyer, offering quick repayment options. Since PayPal is quick, a good way to avoid the relative sluggishness of its official customer service is to:

PayPal Purchase Protection covers all eligible purchases made through PayPal and payments made through our website. To take advantage of PayPal Buyer Protection, you must maintain a PayPal account in good standing and report a dispute within 180 days of your purchase or payment. “, the company explains on it site.

There is no official justification

At the time of writing, Vinted has not publicly explained its decision to remove PayPal from payment methods. However, the decision is final, the Lithuanian startup has decided to delete its page dedicated to payments through PayPal.

The PayPal information page has disappeared from the Winded site.  // Source: Screenshot
The PayPal information page has disappeared from the Winded site. // Source: Screenshot

Users should change their default payment method. Several options are possible:

  • Bank card (including prepaid cards and e-cards)
  • Apple Pay (on iOS)
  • iDEAL (mainly in the Netherlands)
  • Winded Wallet, thanks for its sale.

Not all payment methods mentioned above are available to every member. “, however mentions the sales platform. Nothing could be simpler to change the default payment method. Go for it” profile “later” systems “Finally” Payments. »

His Help pages For users, Vinted notes that “ Buyer Protection applies to all payments made using the Buy Now button in use. You need more effective customer service!

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