With one arm amputated, Shaquille Griffin makes American football history – liberation

He has yet to take the field with the pros, but has already made his mark on American soccer. Shaquem Griffin is only 22 years old and attends the University of Orlando. Sure enough, he was selected Saturday by the Seattle Seahawks at 141e condition, after three days draft, American franchises recruit players from universities in this year’s event. But one peculiarity about Griffin makes his life unusual: his left arm is amputated. He was the first disabled college player to be recruited by a team in the National Football League (NFL), the official championship of American football, since 1945. That year, Ellis Jones, who lost an arm, played with Boston. Yanks.

After two days of intense media exposure, huddled in a hotel room on the third day of the draft, the Griffin family cheered in a small group when Shaquille’s selection was announced. “I didn’t cry when I was drafted, but I’m so happy for him and for us.” He told his brother. Tears of joy after less happy moments.

Shaquem Griffin was four years old when he rushed into his kitchen to amputate his left arm, disfigured by birth defects and in excruciating pain. Her mother Dangi prevents her from acting. She remembers her son begging her to amputate his arm. The next day his parents admitted him to the hospital for amputation. The daily battle to survive his passion for American football continued.

“Prove my doubters wrong”

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do”, Picked up Shaquem Griffin for ESPN During an interview in 2016. Honoring this motto, the Florida native is supported by his twin brother Shaquille, who was recruited by the Seattle team a year earlier. Unaffected by any flaws, Shaquille always wanted to protect his brother, never leaving him alone. When they turn ten, they plan to go to high school and college together. A promise without a future. Shaquille turned down all scholarship offers from college teams if he didn’t take his brother with him.

Both brothers eventually enrolled at the University of Central Florida in Orlando in the summer of 2012. Shakum was sidelined during the first seasons and played only a few matches unlike Shakuil. Both brothers contemplate a university transfer, but change their minds. After the arrival of a new coach, Shaquille is finally noticed and playing more and more. He evolves to the point of Linebacker, a defender known mainly for tackling opposing attackers and his pass interceptions. He became one of the best defenders in the University Championship. In 2016, he was awarded the American Athletic Conference Award for Performance, an association of twelve universities.

Regardless of his disability, he is now panicking the statistics. In February, trial days were intended to assess potential recruits DraftHe broke a sprint time record Linebacker. There is no end to him who claims to want “Keep showing up to all the suspects [lui]And who doubts [lui]They are wrong”.

His brother’s departure last summer to join Seattle hasn’t weakened him. “It would be great to see if they end up on the same team again at some point.”, said their mother. A difficult wish at first glance, but the fate of Shaqum Griffin and his brother is certainly not ordinary. Here they are again side by side, this time among professionals.

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