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Woods in Australia Hugo Tosetti joined Harley Ingleby on a 4×4 ride to the Kangaroos.

currently in AustraliaAnd Hugo Tosetti Take the opportunity to continue his project in the most beautiful way Chromance started in Brittany. the Bigodine Discover the joys of previously accessible virgin beaches 4×4Nothing is impossible in Audierne Bay and the surrounding areas. For good reason, the coast is Natura 2000 rated and the animals are protected too. This time, he accompanies the local Hugo Harley Ingleby. L’Australia He knows these little paths that lead to big peaks where surfing alone is still possible.

L’Australia It has been a popular destination for surfers from all over the world for years, which makes its most popular spots crowded, and frequented mainly by locals whose average water level is much higher than ours, which doesn’t make things any easier. But Australia is also a big country and with a bit of perseverance and technical means it is possible to find quieter corners, just a few hours away from super urban centers like Sydney or the Gold Coast.

It is exactly between these two large metropolitan areas Harley Ingleby Born and still living. Coffs Harbor And its region continues to escape massive urbanization. the professional longboarder take away Hugo In the places he’d been looking for years. the Two-time world champion WSL, Now 39, she continues (outside the ring) to smash spots all over the world. Harley Don’t just browse his professional model firewireA hybrid between the longboard and the performance board. We can see pictures of him crunching on a quatro mounted shortboard and baitfish that you can find on his Instagram account.

the New South Wales It also seems to work Hugo Who enjoys sledding sleds in the back, good carvings and a few tubing at sunset. the French Oversized 6″ 2″ shaped by Billy Tolhurstthe local problem with whom Harley It has been working for years. Billy’s Surfaces are built with Firewire’s Thunderbolt technology, which Hugo seems to particularly like.

> Hugo Tosetti Pictures, editing and sound. Additional photos: Tom Schneider and Lily Deaton.

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