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Xavi arrives to put order in Barcelona: cancels an interview he had scheduled for Pique Diez

During his presentation as the new coach of F.C.BAnd Xavi Hernandez Repeat two words several times: order and discipline. The Catalan seeks to apply this to a team that is drifting with the aim of saving it.

This was Xavi’s first training session as Barcelona coach

“We have to put the system in place because when there is good work,” the coach said. And the first sample of this wasn’t long ago, since according to reports Juanma Castaño In “El Partidazo” of the COPE series, Xavi canceled the interview Effects He was planning to toast “El Hormiguero” next week.

The controversial Barcelona defender has appeared frequently on various programs and public events of little relevance to his club in recent months. cureIt seems he wants to eliminate the possibility that his players will focus on other things.

We must remember that Effects It was already two years ago in “El Hormiguero”, a show that he is doing Pablo Motos. But this time he will not be able to repeat after the decision of his new coach who has arrived ready to change the habits of the team in recent years.

The defender was also in a different life with his friend and partner ebay janus, so it is expected that Gerard You should reduce these types of activities and be more focused on Barcelona.

Xavi Hernandez He arrives to try to change Barcelona’s image after the bad results he added Ronald Koeman. The former legendary midfielder has signed a contract until 2024 and can extend it.

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