You don’t cry in space, Thomas Beskett knows that

On earth, it’s very easy to cry when you want to. Unfortunately, things don’t work in space. Crying is almost impossible!

Imagine flying through space, reaching the void, and finding yourself thousands of miles above the ground. What emotion! Also, if you video call with your family and kids; Maybe you want to shed a tear! Indeed, this is the situation in which the French astronaut found himself Thomas Beskett During its journey into space. He had many reasons to express his emotions in tears, but he did not succeed. And for good reason, it is not only difficult to do, but It is not recommended to do so !

The misadventure of astronaut Andrew Feustel

Crying has been banned since the journeyu American astronaut Andrew Feustel and his misadventure in 2001. The latter flew into space for a 7-hour journey with the aim of attaching a cable to the ISS. During his exercise, he was attacked Anti-fog fluid His mask cannot be fully contained. A drop of it falls into his eye and causes severe pain. Usually, crying is enough to make the pain go away. This is what the American astronaut tried to do, but in vain! He did not see the tears running down his cheeks !

A few minutes later, the astronaut begins to feel a sharp sting in his eyes. To calm them, he had to rub his eyes on the foam part of his dress to calm the pain. Since then, no one should try to cry regardless of emotions!

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What happens when you cry in space?

Cry with tears

Indeed, it is possible to cry in space. Yet you won’t see the tears come, as in the case of Andrew Feustel. If your tears come out, you won’t see them rolling down your cheeks. They pile up around your eyes and you end up with severe eye sockets that can blind you in no time. According to astronauts, the worst and funniest thing If you keep crying, your tears will form bubbles and float in space.

Why are things different in space than they are on Earth? Simple answer: Gravity! If our tears run down our cheeks, it is because gravity attracts them. Space is an entirely different matter.

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